The ABB IRB 140 is a 6-axis industrial robot, with a payload of 6 kg, designed specifically for manufacturing industries that use flexible robot-based automation. The robot is operated through the IRC5 controller, that offers state-of-the-art capabilities for motion planning and control.
The controller is interfaced to an external PC where a virtual 3D environment can be used to program the robot. The robot has been installed in the lab in June 2009 and will be used for studies in human-robot interaction control.

COMAU Smart Six

SMART SiX robots, the smallest within the Comau range, boast an exceptionally compact design particularly suitable to all those operations that require fast movement and a high degree of repeatability.
The COMAU C4G open controller is interfaced to an external PC where customized control algorithms can be run. The robot has been installed in the lab in July 2011 and will be used for interaction control and learning by human-demonstration.


A commercial ATV is used to develop an All Terrain Mobile Robot. It is equipped with all the required sensors and actuators in order to be autonomous. The vehicle will be the experimental testbed used to study and develop navigation, planning and control techniques to autonomously ride in difficult terrains.

ABB Frida

The FRIDA robot prototype is a portable dual-arm unit with a controller that is integrated into the torso. The robot is compact and intended to fit into spaces ergonomically designed for human workers. Due to the intrinsic safety of the proposed robot solution, the requirements for performing a safety assessment of the installation are minimized.

KUKA youBot

It is small, fun, versatile and has been made for the inventors of the future: The KUKA youBot is a powerful, educational robot that has been especially designed for research and education in mobile manipulation. It consists of an omnidirectional platform, a five degree-of-freedom robot arm and a two-finger gripper.
The KUKA youBot is an open platform that is operated with open source software.

Aerial manupulator

A commercial quadcopter is equipped with a robotic arm to perform Aerial Manipulation. The system is integrated with a light-weight camera and an optical flow sensor for the quadcopter absolute localization. The image processing and the trajectory generation is performed on an ODROID board, while the low-level velocity control of both arm and quadcopter is demanded to the PIXHAWK embedded computer.

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